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Winter Steelhead Fishing in Oregon

Winter Steelhead
Fishing in Oregon

Join us in the heart of winter, chasing the fierce and majestic steelhead in Oregon's pristine coastal rivers.


The Peak of
Steelhead Fishing

Winter steelhead season, spanning from late November through March, is a time of excitement and anticipation for anglers. As the chill sets in, the coastal streams come alive with the presence of big, wild, and hard-fighting native steelhead. Our primary focus during this season is on the Nehalem (both North and South Fork) and Nestucca Rivers. However, we remain adaptable, adjusting our locations based on river levels, weather conditions, and, most importantly, where the fish are biting.

Navigating the Waters with Precision

At Hammerhead Guide Service, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and expertise. Depending on the conditions and the specific needs of our trips, we utilize either a 16' drift boat or an 18' inflatable pontoon. This versatility allows us to access waters that many others can't reach, giving our guests a unique and less crowded fishing experience. More than just accessing these waters, our seasoned expertise ensures that we navigate them safely, ensuring a memorable and secure adventure for all our guests.

Boat Information


  • Versatile 17' by 60" drift boat, perfect for navigating narrow and shallow waters.
  • Spacious 18' inflatable pontoon, offering stability and comfort.
  • Both boats are equipped with safety gear and emergency communication devices.
  • Designed to provide an intimate fishing experience, ensuring every guest gets the best spots.

Premium Equipment:

  • Top-Quality Rods & Reels
  • Heater & Warming Oven
  • Weather-Resistant Gear Storage
  • High-Quality Seats

What to Bring

  • Proper fishing license Get your license here
    or Reach out for help
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (Loaner sets available upon request)
  • Waterproof boots or shoes
  • Sunscreen and hat for sunny days
  • Snacks and beverages
  • A cooler to take home your catch
  • Personal medications or necessitiess
  • A camera to capture the memories!